Wanted FJ60/62 Front side markers

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Nov 17, 2005
Charleston, SC
United States
Looking for front side markers my 60. PO placed orange covers on with no lighting behind. PM with price.
Check your Toyota Dealer - that's where I got mine...

Not looking to refinance the house, I just need a set of working markers. The local dealerships are not "LC friendly".
Get them from CruiserDan, he'll do you right. I don't buy *anything* from my local Toyota dealer anymore, they weren't supportive of the hobby. They're not very expensive and come with the gasket.
something different...

I can't remember where I heard it...but...rears should fit in the front - just pop in the amber lens, and use the 'big' gasket. it'll stick out a little more but I think I've noticed that no one ever really has to replace the rears...hmmmm...

the fronts on both my cruisers were shot - rears always/still fine and original. (I got my recent front replacements from Cdan, though)

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