fj60 2f to 12H-T

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Apr 3, 2009
Sunshine coast Australia
Have a FJ60 2f with H55 thinking of putting 12H-T into it.
Anyone done this conversion, is it worth while and will I get better /worse fuel economy? I pressume the tourque will be better.
Will it go straight to a H55 tranny.
Any help or advice much appreciated.
Depends what you are looking for in the end result.
Better mileage lower fuel cost as long as diesel prices stay below gas prices.
Cost of swap will not be offset by better mileage and cheaper fills.
Huge undertaking doing the wiring everything has to be swapped out can use same rear taillight harness.
Have to change up motor mounts and output shaft on tranny,and radiator.
You will love the power the turbo gives you over the 2F
Probably cheaper to buy a HJ61

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