FJ55 speed wobble fix?

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Jun 2, 2012
Redlands CA
I just bought a 1970 FJ55. Everything on the front end is original. I get a steering wobble around 50mph. What would be the best plan of attack? Replace the tie rod ends? Steering stabilizer or suspension?
If it.s not due to tire balance I would start with the stabilozer and go from there
Tires balanced still wobbly the orig stabilizer looks way dif from soc after market stabilizer. Specifically the mounts. Any advice?
Steering dampers are a mask for other problems. Tie-rod ends, knuckle bearings, wheel bearings, center arm, steering box, leaf spring bushings and loose u-bolts will all affect your steering. If everything is OE, I would start with a complete front axle service and work your way out from there.
Jack up the front axle and start shaking stuff. Look for play at all connections, bushings, ball joints, steering box,etc. This is a no cost check and may leed you to the problem(s). A bad steering dampner won't cause a wobble.
Tires balanced still wobbly

Can we assume that while the tires were being balanced (at a reputable establishment?) They (you) also checked for out of round wheels and bulges in the tires?
'Cause that was my first response. Next answer is to agree with knuckle rebuild.
Tighten up your wheel bearing (it's really easy) adjusters tonight and see if that helps.
The stock steering damper was a joke and is very expensive if you can get one. Aftermarket steering dampeners are a band-aid fix, if that as has not been mentioned.
Check your own toe-in with a tape measure, increase it a little bit (more toe-in, makes it more steerable but wears the tires more.) and see if that helps.
Have you even taken a look at your center arm pivot? Tighten it up. See if that helps.
air pressure checked ?
@pighead I couldn't figure how To adjust wheel bearing but there isn't any play in the wheels if that's an indicator if the wheel bearing needs to be rebuilt. Center arm pivot is pretty tight. All I could find is some play in one tie rod The tie rod joints look older than the devil. I think I'll start there. What you think?
Does it do it every time? Violent steering wheel shaking or just a vibration that comes in at a given speed and then goes away?
if every thing on the front end is original...i cant see how the center arm is adjusted...there never adjusted :)

are you checking components by your self? you need somebody turning the wheel back and forth as you check for slop

you need to jack up the front end so tires are off the ground and check to see if the bearings are correct by trying to move the wheel on top and bottom

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