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Jan 21, 2008
Somewhere between Indiana and Australia
I have decided to broaden my horizons. I have posted pics and such on the 55 site but still have a few unanswered questions. If any one has comments/solutions please post.

Here is the link:

The questions are in posts #33 and #37.

I am also looking for a few accessories for the Moose. I'm currently in the US and will be returning down under in mid June. Following is a bit of a wish list if anyone has a quick link or supplier would be great. I will be purchasing everything here in the states and shipping when we make the big move (Sept) ie all the household suff, and toys (HD Deuce, Triumph S3, I wish my 64:crybaby:) If anyone down under want anything to come over let me know. And vice versa for anyone in the US wanting something from Oz. I'll be making quite a few trips over the next 6 months.

ARB or similar style roof rack (ARB USA or Australia have nothing listed for the FJ55)

ARB BullBar

ARB Lockers - Again nothing listed on the ARB sites. How much different are the 55 axels compared to a 40 or 60

Lift Kit 2" or 4" (recommendations welcome)

The tyre suppliers in Oz say that the largest tire I can fit on the 16" split rim is a 265/75/R16 (31.5 x 10.5). I was wanting to put on 33 x 9.5 BFG Mud Terrains for the 16" rims. I can't find them even on US sites. Closest I have found are 295/75/16 (33.5 x 11.5). I don't have PS (Yet) and the skinnier the better.

Thanks everyone in advance for their help, answers, and suggestions;)

I don't think they make an ARB bumper for the pig, I bought an ARB for a 40, thinking if it looked good on the pig I'd put it on there, and if not on the 40.
I don't really like the way it looks on the pig, and the holes are off by about a 1/4" or so.
The older style 40 ARB might look better or maybe a 70 series.


ARB Lockers - Again nothing listed on the ARB sites. How much different are the 55 axels compared to a 40 or 60

Good news there, in this instance your 55 axles are identical to the 40 axles.

ARB sure as hell does not offer bumpers for a 55, look to Lance at Iron Pig OffRoad for anything close to off the shelf Pig bumpers.
pigs are already topheavy, i wouldn't go with a 33x9.5. a 10.5 or wider would be better. two inch lift is fine if you don't plan on a lot of flexing. i've got a 4" lift with 34x10.5s and have flexed into the fender enough to pop the bondo out and tweak what little metal is left, but i was tweaking it as hard as that pig would flex.
pigs are already topheavy, i wouldn't go with a 33x9.5. a 10.5 or wider would be better.

Nuc. Do you have PS. I don't. I am worried that the wider the tire the harder to drive.

dont rush into buying any ARB stuff till you get back. I run one of the local ARB distributers here in canberra, and will cut you a very very good deal re supply and fitting lockers, etc. ARB dont do a roof rack, but another supplier, Tradesman Engineering do one, that looks identical. I can get aluminium ones to keep the weight down.
Im also the local agent for mickey thompson and cooper tyres and can get BFs if you like....

I have a box of bits out the back, ill see if i have a vent pull lever. Otherwise it can be plastic welded..

The switch is aftermarket, maybe used to turn on driving lights once in its life...
the plug could be for handbrake warning light which some vehicles got and some didnt here in aust...

let me know if u know of any good door trims and bonnet windscreen hooks and pads for a late model 45 over there. struggling to find any down here..

Dave you are a f**king champion. It goes to show it's not what you know...It's who you know (kinda). I won't move a muscle until I come back. I would much rather put cash in another MUD member/55 driver's pocket than pay a random store for the same products.

I will be putting out the feelers for what you need. Door trims are going to be a tough one.

Nuc. Thanks for the info. Looks like I won't need the gym membership afterall. No PS = arms and upper bod; Clutch = Left leg; Brake = right leg; Driving in general = Core; This may be a start of a great new gym.

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