FJ55 info needed

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Apr 14, 2007
I am looking at a 1979 fj55, it has had alot of work already done such as rebuilt engine, propane injection, interior, roll cage, dual tanks, dual batteries, tires, seats, roof rack, etc.
I know very little about the fj55 series, known issues with this truck is loose steering, "some rust" and "some bondo", has a new weber carb as well as the old toyota carb with propane kit rady to install.
I am looking for a cruiser to use for trail rides here in the desert south west and some trips to the high country.
How well do these cruisers handle on the road? fuel mileage? already know parts are hard to find.
Any pictures of "expedition" builds?
go to the Iron pig Preservation Society page. There you will find many other people w/ your same condition. Some have found how to live w/ it- the condition, that is- and are willing to tell of how. I like the way you put the quotation marks around some rust and some bondo:hillbilly:. That factory carb w/ propane injection sounds like the ticket to me. And I have had mine in some pretty rough terrain- before the latest makeover. Welcome!

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