Fj55 For Sale In Denver $ 2500. Obo

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Apr 20, 2005
United States
1974 Fj55 For Sale See Ad Under" Vehicles For Sale" On This Forum For Pics And Details.
Bump for a Piggy!

BONO, if you want, I will post pics for you - I know I want to see what kind of caster angle you got w/ an SOA and no cut 'n turn

PM me if you want me to post up pics.

You might also list a bio of the Pig again so people don't have to look for the orig ad - Woody gives out free words in these ads!
Here are 2 from the other thread.
usmcruiser said:
he hasnt been on since feb 24. i havent even seen his pig on craigslist in a while. maybe he sold it???

His last craigslist posting was Feb 16. :confused:

i emailed him some time ago and he said he had sold it... that was like a month ago.

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