FJ55 Diesel For sale...

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Oct 13, 2003
Didn't think this needed to be in classifieds... Mods correct me if wrong.

Stopped by my cruiser mechanics shop this morning and he has a 1975 Piggy sitting there with a swapped in 2H, (4 spd, fairy overdrive). The swap was done years ago with all factory parts from Japan. The truck has been sitting a while but should run with a glow plug relay and a bit of TLC.

When I asked what he wanted he was not sure, I figure $4000 will drive it home.

I am going to stop by latter in the week and take a few pictures.

If anybody is serious about this please PM me:

For the rest of the gang I will take some pictures and post um up.

Piggy guys, what areas should I take pictures of, typical rust out spots etc.
It will be moved but definitely post up some pics and you can tie some tech to it.

Don't move this thread... I will use it for pic's of this unique truck and help the owner post a real for sale thread later in the week.
From my Sig...

PDX is Portland Oregon
Will be courious to see the pictures! I called the guy today and he said it has been sitting for quite some time? Tailgate has fallen off, doors are about to. Was a fab install. Motor is froze? he said it could be starter? Fairy overdrive does not work. He is playing shy on price? Come look and make an offer he says. To long of a drive for me at this point.

I would like to go see it. I am in Portland but I have not got a number for the guy??

I stopped buy today and actually looked at it pretty close (pictures on the camera but my card reader is at work...)

It is a project for sure. Pictures and a for sale add to follow

email Chris. He replied quick. I would have given the number but he located it so I think it is only fair to keep him in the loop.


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