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Jan 20, 2003
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I'm getting ready to put the body and frame back together on the '76 FJ55. I've got a choice to go with the original later hood for the 2F or the earlier hood for the F engine. I understand that there are potential clearance problems using the earlier hood with the 2F air cleaner but the 2F hood tends to crack :( due to inherent structural weaknesses.
Do I 1) put in a body lift to clear the air cleaner or 2) reinforce the 2F hood?
If I do a body lift where can I get the rubber blocks for between the floor and the frame for the new height and how much height do I need? ???
If I reinforce the 2F hood how are people out there doing that while maintaining as stock a look as possible. ???
Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
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My 76 55s hood has two small cracks in it by the step-up. One has been welded and repaired the other is bondo for now. I recently took the advice of a local cruiser guy and put lots of Sika-Flex sealer between the cross-members and hood and it took nearly all of the flex out of the hood. This may prevent stress fractures in the also quieted down the hood while cruising at high speeds.

Good Luck!

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