FJ45lv paint...what are the odds of this?

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Jun 2, 2004
Wheat Ridge CO
Two different vehicles painted the same colors (hard to tell in the resized pics but one is a 64, no heater vent on the cowl). Not stock as far as I know but really similar to the FJ43V paint scheme. Did both of these owners pick the colors from the factory ad or was this a stock color offered?
being the previous owner of example #1, I can tell you it was a repaint of a traditional white hood/other color job.

tres sorbonne in utah is current owner and can give the correct code on inspection.
mine is oily

The bottom one is mine. I think the paint job you see is a part of its life it would like to forget. Where was the love? The paint is oil based house paint put on with a very coarse brush. They should have gone with the wagner power painter. I hear they are almost as good as Macco or earl scheib. I am cheaping out and using my Sata. The nice thing about the paint is it comes off easy and kept the rust away. It was originaly tan and cream. My guess is mine was a high school kids beater before retirement. It came out of Kemmerer wyoming, the west side close to utah. wonder if there is any connection? Hard to see a backyard, house paint, project coming up with such a coincidence.
So.......Stupid question?.......Is mine a 64?
You have the heater vent so 65+, the vent on the cowl, under the windshield, should be like the FJ40 cowl vents and not a pop-up style. You fuel filler is not the door style so not a 66-67. Yours should be a 65.
Not that Rick D. needs any backup, but I drove that first one almost 10 years ago when it was in Dallas (before Rick bought it) and I can confirm that it was not the original paint job. Weird coincidence gets my vote.
Where is that cruiser lot? :)
I thought mine was a 65 but late at night I wasn't thinking

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