FJ45LV floors...

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Jun 2, 2004
Wheat Ridge CO
My dad came over today and we knocked out the last 10 million spot welds :)

It took a little longer because the previous owner welded a new floor on top of the old one. Don't worry though, she will be put back together....sometimes you have to go twenty steps backwards to go forward.

I bet Wilma feels better about her floors now :D
thats a beutiful thing. whilma needs that:)
You are going to use this as a template and make others for us Floorless chaps? right Mike?
Mikesta said:
You are going to use this as a template and make others for us Floorless chaps? right Mike?
yep, he is. he'll be shiping it to a well known panel reproducer down south :)
Might I suggest an option without the seat box frame mount for those who are going to upgrade the interior. That old frame just gets in the way!

An option without the seat bracket souldn't be an issue but you will probaby still need the brace that runs between the B pillars.

There are a few differences between 64 and 65-67. I believe none of the '64s had rear heaters so the hole through the seat frame and heater bracket is missing. The jack holder under the seat appears to be the same but mounted in a slightly different location. The bump in the floor, inside the seat frame is about an inch smaller on a 64 as well. I also noticed the 64 has a trianglular brace added to the underside that the 65-67 models do not. The overall floor dimentions appear to be the same.

Has anyone noticed any other differences in the LV floors. It would be easier to reproduce one style that can work for all years. I don't have a '67 to compare so if anyone has a '67 (stubby brow over the windshield like Cruiser Guy's), pics and a few measurements would be great.

I'll post some pics of the parts mentioned above when I get home.
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Under the floor, the 64 has an odd bracket that the 65-66 and maybe the 67s do not. The 2nd pic has a flat bar that goes across the opera shelf and the two bolts/washers you see is the mount for the belts.
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the 64s didn't have heat from Toyota as far as I have seen so the hole for the rear heater and the bracket for the heater is missing. The jack holder is in a different location in 64. 65-66 and most likely 67 are the same. If you look closely, the bump in the floor so the floor clears the x-member is 1" smaller in 64. 65-66 maybe 67 is the same.
the tool bag clips are slightly different in 64. 65-66 and you guessed it...maybe 67 are the same. Can you tell I don't have a 67 to reference? :)

I can see why Toyota changed the clip from the 64 design. How could that possibly work?
Picture of 1967 LV under front seat
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Whoo hooo! my big crate is ready :)

Does anyone think I need to add cardboard to it? What about adding some 2x4s to make it more forklift friendly?
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Is your Panama connection going to be making this tailgate interior panel?

If yes, did he shoot you an approx. price yet?

Thanks, Matt
treerootCO said:
I am sending him the panel but I don't know what his price will be.

If it helps with cost reduction, possibly count me in on one of those. I can't imagine it would be to expensive.

Thanks, Matt

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