FJ45 Troopy for sale in Albuquerque

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Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
I saw an FJ45 Troopy for sale yesterday. It is at a small car lot on Central, east of Juan Tabo. No price or any other information. It appears to be an Aussie import since it still has the tags and some stickers. I could not tell if it was diesel or a gasser. Recent repaint in desert dune and a really crappy paint job. Not a rust bucket but I didn't get underneath.

Right Hand Drive.

on the north side of central? that place always has older Jeeps for sale.

Yes, it is on the North side of Central, next door to the place with the jeeps though. It appears to be a different business than the jeep place.

I'm pretty sure this was the place O'Niell was talking about.

Keep your eyes on the two you got got your hands full!
Talked to the garage owner a few weeks ago- he has bought 4- and will be bringing 'em here from LBC.
heard from a guy at TLC that the RH steering gearbox parts were made of unobtanium.
This wasn't the heep place-PM for details.
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Awesome. Now if I just had an extra $11,800 lying around I'd be all over it.
This guy is getting all kinds of interesting stuff in the next few weeks 9months?). He is hooked into someone in Oz and also in with Marv S. at SOR-
Ruadrigh- don't worry 'bout no school. I din go to NO SKOOL an my Daddy din't neither, him.
I noticed several more 'cruisers today. I think they are breeding there late at night. Very strange sexual goings- on, on Central late at night and early in the morning.
I am amazed how many women are looking for a ride at 3:30 AM when I am on my way to work sometimes. They seem perky and always walk facing the oncoming traffic. odd,...............

PS my Momma tole me not to pick up hitchers so this will remain one of life's little mysteries.
He has new toys for you big boys with a few $$$ to spend.

3 more RHD troopies. 1 good, 1 fair, 1 poor

One Nissan Patrol, probably mid 70s. Good condition. I had never seen one in person before this one and I believe these are extremely rare in the US.

One FJ6? that is very rare here in the US. I don't know the model number but it is the one with the "high top" (kinda the hearse look.) Excellent condition. 5-spd (H55 ?). I could not tell if it has a FF rear axle because it has some 80-series alloy reproduction wheels with center caps. A/C, rear A/C, 3rd row seats, and sliding windows in the cargo area. LHD. It has some kind of electric winch up front that is adapted to a relatively stock looking bumper (i.e. not an ARB bull bar.) White with bold decals (red decals IIRC.)

A late model FJ40 that has a chrome square bezel so I think that would make it an early 80's. LHD. This is a very, very nice truck and I could not see any rust anywhere. Black with huge decals that were popular back in that era. 2nd row had split seats that face forward. Nice hard top though I did not see a roll bar. A/C. Didn't open the hood. I also don't know how to tell if it has PS.

The prize is a late model FJ45 LPB (Left Hand drive too!). Original Desert Dune paint. This appears to be a completely rust-free truck. The tailgate looks original and is pristine. This FJ45 appears to be original in every way and in exceptional unrestored condition. Floor shift (4-spd I think) Original AM radio with an aftermarket cassette player bolted underneath. From the outside, I would say this is a 9 out of 10 for an original vehicle. Low km but I can't remember the number. (Maybe 91,000 km ??)

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