FJ45 Parts- Build your own 45

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Aug 19, 2004
Grants Pass, OR
United States
Have available:

FJ45 '67 Hard Top $1000
FJ45 '67 Tub (no bed, no fenders, no hood...rockers cut and not original floor boards) $1000
FJ45 '67 Bed $500
FJ45 '67 Frame $500

FJ40 75-up windshield frame w/ wiper motor no glass $400

Many other parts to build a complete 45 if needed.

Located in Grants Pass, OR will ship anywhere.
Call John @ (541)479-5500
More pics:
Bed8 Mud.jpg
If that upper cab and roof are 1000 percent rust free, I've got a buddy with a swb that would prolly be very interested.

You want to sell those trim pieces on the bottom of the tub?
I have them posted for John, he doesn't have a computer so I threw them up for him. Call him direct and he will have any and all details you would need.
Bump, he needs to move some stuff so if interested give John a call.
so he's asking $3k for a tub, hard top and a rusty bed with no tailgate?! does that come with a clean current title?
It was his daily driver until a year or so ago, I'm sure he has the title but I doubt the tags are current.
How about a drivers seat frame. The part that bolts down to the tub under the seat.
NO seat frame, he is going out to check but believes he just sold the last one he had.

NO on the doors, those were off my dads '69 40 and now they have aluminum riveted to the frame where the canvas was. He said he can't sell them since they were mine and at my rate I will own another 40 and might want them LOL.

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