FJ45 fibreglass rear cab - seatbelt mount

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Jul 9, 2012
g'day all. i am new to the site, and about 6months new to the world of FJ45's. recently soureced a second hand fibreglass rear cab, in new condition. only problem i have with it is the upper seat belt mount! it did not come with the mounting holes drilled, but im starting to wonder if it is 'safe' to still mount the seat-belt bracket to the pillar?? (it being fibreglass). not sure of the brand, it does seem very strong and well built. any ideas?
What year 45 got any pics.
Only thing I can think of is lap belt or install roll bar and mount off the roll bar.
I would say have a couple options....roll bar, metal cab
And if your going the later....put me first in line for the glass piece
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depends on the quality of build.
fiber can be much stronger than steel.
post a pic of the area you want to mount the seat belt to and i will see if i have suggestions...
I didn't trust the stock sheet metal top to hold my 230lb @ss in the seat in the even of a collision and I wouldn't trust fiberglass either. Check out the cage in my build thread. I feel much safer now.
those that knock fiberglass, have you ever seen qualtiy workmanship with?
think of a large boat banging continuously over rough seas for decades, you might want to reconsider its strength.
worlds of difference over typical automotive application or back yard repair strength.

each to their own, i understand that.

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