FJ45 Coast to Coast

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May 6, 2005
Southern Calif.
Coast to Coast Southern Style
Well its time for another Road Trip. This time I started out wanting to go to the Southern Cruiser Crawl in Hot Springs AK :steer: Well I always wanted to drive to the East Coast so the plan is 5000 miles in 15 days California to North Carolina and back taking a route thru most of the Southern States. Camping and sight seeing along the way, visiting fellow Cruiser heads. In the words of Pismo Jim " This trips gonna be Epic :cheers: "​


Things are coming together, extra fuel tank getting installed, taking a full size spare and got my Ol confer toolbox mounted. Today My friend Corwin is coming over to help me install disk brakes in the front axle. I only have a couple of weekends to get this completed :bounce:




Been real busy getting ready and here are a few updates Disk brakes done and got the front 3rd member swapped out thanks to alot of help from my buddy Corwin, I started mocking up and mounting the aux fuel tank so far Im happy with the way things are going.




Freakin' cool. I have an semi insane dream to drive my 40 across the US someday. :)
sounds like fun what dates are you leaving/returning? ive done a few long trips like that in my 40 and have a couple more planned. that 45 should be much more comfy than a short wheel base 40.

Plan is to leave on the 1st of Oct and get to NC on the 5th or 6th. spend the weekend with my Daughter in Law and Grandson then off to Hot Springs AR :steer: for the Southern Cruiser Crawl. So I am getting close. Still fine tuning a few things but I think we ( The 45 and I ) are going to be ready
you inspire me Rob....

what an epic road trip is right!
Thanks everyone, Everything is coming together. went down to AAA and got a fresh set of maps this morning. Yes Rob no GPS LOL
This is awesome Rob, after my long trip in my 40 last year even more respect to you! Enjoy your trip and grab some Taco Pizza while you're out there!
I can't wait to watch this adventure. This is so cool.
I can't wait to watch this adventure. This is so cool.

Well its 2am and I cant sleep so we might as well get the show on the road :steer:. The Offical 2013 Road Trip T shirts are in the 45 is fueled up and ready to go. So here we go again :bounce: I will try to find some wi-fi tonight and let ya all know how the day went.


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