FJ40's with 37inch Military Tires/16.5 rims

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Feb 15, 2012
Black Diamond, Wa
As the title says, I'm interested in purchasing a Military Rim/tire combo for my 40. I am wanting to switch tires because the more I fix up my rig, the more I wanna drive it. And am exploring a more pavement friendly tire. I have compiled a list of pro's and cons in my head from my research and just general assumptions, here it goes


-good road tire
-beadlock rim
-look badass(opinion)
-37 inch tire (offroad lift over 34's, highway overdrive)
-Michelin tires

-16.5 rim limited tire choices
-average offroad tire
-need Toyota centers welded in or purchase already done
-may need to step up to chromoly axle shafts or...?

One major determining factor in wanting new shoes for my 40 was my old rims that like to leak air when aired down. Was considering weld on beadlocks and km2's, but would love the uniqueness of the military setup. Plus i'm a sucker for a good deal.
I am very interested to hear any opinions on military tires when aired down to the single digits. Seems to me with double beadlock and about 5psi these military Michelin would be great.
I'd budget in chromoly axles and a regear into the equation. I agree with ou they look awesome!
What about just a nice rim from summit that's like 80 bucks and a bfg all terrain, that will be decent off road and good on the road. Although I think your right on the bad ass look of military rims and tired.
I have re-centered Humvee wheels on my 62. I've never aired down to the single digit because I don't like driving on what feels like jelly. they work great when I do air down though. I advice you to stay away from the Goodyear MT tires, they have weak sidewalls. The pluses of going with military tires is they are cheap to replace, so you can push them while wheeling, and can handle highway speeds. My previous tires were biased creepy crawlers and they were great off roading, bad on the road.

here are two pictures


new tires.jpg
new tires.jpg

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