FJ403FE Donor Vehicle

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Feb 21, 2005
Just picked this 79 FJ40 that was underwater. Truck ran fine before the flood - nothing now.

The guy lived next to my parents, I have been trying to buy it from him for years. He called me after the hurricane and asked my to take it off hi hands. The best thing is it as FREE.

I am planning on dropping a rebuilt 3FE into from the 91 FJ80 that I picked up.

Here is a link to the 40 FJ40/

and the 80 FJ80/

Has anyone done this swap or know of any links?

Any and all help will be greatlyy appreciated.
Stephen, when you pull the 2f & trans out let me know.
FREE is good!
very nice project, some people have all the luck...FREE!

My friend at the transmission shop said that the engine and trans are fried.
I have a 2f and tranny in an 87 FJ60 that ran before I retired the vehicle. If I remember correctly - it had some emission issues (cant recall exactly though). It was a rebuild.

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