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Jun 7, 2003
G'day, I'm looking at putting a water tank in my 78 40 and was wondering where one will fit. I'd prefer to mount it underneath somewhere, and probably use an electric pump or an air compressor to pump the water out the tap, probably mounted on the rear bumper. Just wondering if anyone has any pics or ideas about how I could do it, there just doesn't seem like much room under there. I'll be adding a 30mm body lift before the tank, so I guess that frees up a little more space.


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Aug 19, 2003
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G'day, I'm looking at putting a water tank in my 78 40

I was thinking about doing this! The best place is as high as possible as to allow for gravity feed if your pump ever went out, but of course puts so much weight up there! I've never owned a bone-stock 78 so can't remember where the muffler is, but a great place may be right underneath the rear bed should the muffler be to the side, which could easily be strapped to the rear crossmemebers.
Mar 27, 2003
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under the drivers seat.
I am actually thinking about having a pro welder friend of mine make me an air tank to fit there. Should be able to get a good 8-10 gallons under there. I can't remember where the gas tank is on a '78, if its not under the passenger side seat like I think it is, then you could make one that would utilize the space underneath both seats, then it should fit a lot of water. Another option is cut out the floor underneath the drivers seat and allow the tank to extend down underneathe the floor little ways.

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