Fj40 VS. Merceds 280GE G-wagen

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I knwo this does not have to do with cruiser but does anyone have an experience with the older mercedes G-wagen's. I've read alot about them and they definately are beastly 4x4's but is it worth it to spend 10-20k for one with 100k and totally stock. Are they hard to work on?
Lets see-
If you have money to blow and want to be unique then maybe....
If you want something to wheel that drives better than a 40 on the road then you need an 80 with factory lockers. You'd be wasting time and money on a G-wagen, it would make finding parts for a 40 look easy. Not a viable solution for anything other than burning money IMHO.
I had an older 230 g-wagon for a short time. Nice ride on rough roads with that coil spring suspension, gutless with the 4 cyl. The 280 engine can be an expensive pain in the arse in the cars probably no different in the g-wag. I would want the 3.0 liter turbo diesel. the systems are alot more complicated and less reliable than an FJ40. The germans are famous for rube goldberg setups. I'd say the g-wag would be a little harder to work on than a 40. Toyota's seem to have their little quirks too though. The g-wag is actually built in austria for mercedes. For 20K you can build up a 40 that would be alot nicer and tougher than a rusty wore out 100k g-wagon. ::)
Check out the g-waggers forum on the pirate site
some ppl claim that g-wagens aren't as strong as stock cruisers, and I tend to believe that. (no 1st hand experience though). expensive parts are a fact nevertheless, and I don't think the sophisticated suspension is really worth the whole trouble you'd put yourself in...

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