FJ40 vs. HJZ75 Comparison

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Jan 27, 2010
Fairbanks AK
Howdy Folks,

I own a couple fj40s, 55s and 60s. I just perchased a few HJZ75 pick-ups. All have 5 speeds ( two diffferent models I think) and there are two "good" engines (1) 1PZ and (1) 1HZ. These trucks apear to be VERY heavy duty, but then again the FJ40 and hte FJ55 are both extremely heavy duty as well.

The questions is... which vehicle is tougher, better etc. I am not talking styling. The 40 and the 55 are the obvious winners there (IMHO of course).

Please provide some comparitive analysis. Biases are welcome! Opinions are welcome. I have been researching this for over a week and still feel under educated on these 70 series rigs.

Chime in of transitions, axels, birfields, engines, springs, accessories, whatever!!

Thanks guys

OOPS.. read last sentemce as...

Chime in on tranmissions, t-cases, axels, springs etc.
I have had both, I've worked on both. They use many similar components in the 70 series LCs that you will find in the later model 40 series and 60 series. I like the 1HZ and H55 combo on my troopy better than the 2F and H42 combo. But they are both proven transmissions and engines that have seen hard use around the world. The axles and differentials are virtually identical in most years until you get to some of the newer 70 series with the exception of the LSD on the later model 75s, Same with the suspension, same leaf suspension until you go coil over on the 98+ 75s

Both are tough trucks, where I think the newer trucks are better (stock to stock) are for a daily use vehicle, the 60 and 70 series trucks are more "comfy". You can make the earlier model 40s more road-worthy for a regular daily driver, but then it's tough to compare a stock truck to a modified truck.:meh:
I like both, but I the 75 series is newer and has better parts, because of that I am sticking a 75 series drivetrain in my forty. The 75s should have 5 speeds in them and splitcases which are stronger than the old one piece transfer cases. Also the 1PZ and the 1HZ are both diesel which I like over a 2F. The rear axle on the 75s could be full floating which is nice.

Both 40s and 75s pose difficulties getting parts for them, but for different reasons. 40s are getting older and parts are slowly drying up for them. 75s, however were never offered in the US unless you owned a mine and getting parts for them is hard because there aren't many around and your local dealer can't really order you parts in, but Canada has several shops that can you get parts. Nothing is impossible to get for both series, but how much time and money do you want to spend waiting for a part? Neither of these issues really bothers me otherwise I wouldn't be doing this swap.

Cool that you were able to score a couple of 75 series. Pictures?
NO "pics" but perhaps a pic

only one picture for now. The paint is pealing and looks ragged and once you get over the strange fiberglass hood the truck is is pretty darned good shape. My current intention (years in te future) is to drop the 55 body one of these chassis. The body of second "good truck" is not so great. so it is a great canidate.

FJ55 shown

HJZ75 shown
front axels

The only thing that can be discribed as a weak point on a fJ40 would be hte front axel, specifically the birfeilds. Are the 70 series axels stronger?
You'd be better served to swap the engine (PZ1), tanny (R141) rear end (full floating) and power steering system from one of these rigs into your '55 instead of putting the '55 body onto the '75 frame.

And no, there is no difference in the strength/design of the front axle between the '40 and '75 series.


That was also a distinct possibility. This project is some time in the future.

Are the thrid emmbers compatable between the 40/55/60 axels and the 70 series axels? I would assume they are, but I have no idea.
The older 70 series stuff is pretty much the same and most of the new with the exception of the 90-91 and up 70 series may have an 8" HP front diff like the 80 series.

Also, some of the newer 75 series rear ends will get a FF rear axle with a LSD. And if you have a FF rear axle, you could probably throw in an 80 series E-locker third in there if you can get the long spline axle shafts.

I read somewhere that the birfs in the FJ60 series were the same as the 70 series birfs. Is this correct? I am having trouble identifying the axel in my HJZ75. But I know the birf is clicking badly.

I have many spare parts for 40, 55 and 60 series, I just need to know if they will work on the HJZ75:confused:
Your HZJ75 needs lot of $$$$ , time, part and experts to do the restoration.:) 40 to 60 parts not really fit into 70, depends on what?

The 70 series pickups are not good candidates for restoration. these old trucks were abused and in need of too much love for a restoration, plus I already have a fj40 and a fj55 candidate for restoration. also a fj40, an fj55 and a 60 being built-up for off-roading. one of my 70s will be "fixed" to where it runs well and used as a snow plow and the others will be donors for future transplants into other (US legal) vehicles.

the item in question right now is, what to use for my birfield replacements and where to get them. they are clicking badly and need replacement.

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