Fj40 vs. Bj44

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Nov 11, 2010
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Hello everyone, I know a guy that just got a pile of BJ44 parts direct from Japan right hand steer stuff though. My rig has a June 78 chassis but still has drum brakes all 4 wheels (Non USA). This guy has the Disc brakes, axles, leaf springs all still mounted on chopped frame. Question; Will the Leaf springs and Disc brakes work on a 40? I know the easiest would be get the whole front axle but are they the same? Other than being right hand steer? I have not seen the stuff yet only a pic.

From what I understand, the axles are the same. The springs may have larger sized bushings (depending on year). The spring rate may be a little heavier... Not sure how 3B weight compares.

To use the disc brakes with your drum master, you'll need to remove the residual valve from the front circuit, and add a proportioning valve to the rear circuit.
Gear ratio will be 4.11. Front springs can be either depending on the year as the 1980s will work with your rig, but post 8/80 will not work. Rate on he springs is very similar as thy had two batteries and some other diesel only stuff up front...
and again the number of surviving bj44 is getting lower everyday...
interesting bj44 only stuff in that pyle might be:

-sliding windows and frame/weatherstripping
-the window next to the sliding window and its weatherstripping
-polyester roof top
-rear bench
Is the guy willing to take off the disc brake for you? If yes, grasp the disc brake and do the swap(quiet a bit of work). Otherwise, slot in the whole pcs axle, you would have to swap the diff gear as the diesel ratio is 4.11(a lot of work involve). Doesn't really matter with LHD or RHD as you can swap the steering from the existing one.:D
The rear leafs are longer on the 44 than the 40. Front's will work though.

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