For Sale FJ40 - Vapor Barrier for Doors (in stock - 4/2/20)

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GA Architect

Feb 14, 2014
Woodstock, GA
EDIT: As of 4/2/20 - I have a few sets available.

I have a few sets of cut & punched 6 mil. plastic FJ40 door vapor barriers. I didn't want creases in the vapor barriers so I had to by a roll, and 25' was the smallest I could find. Hence I made a few extra sets to finish up the roll....I used VHB tape to install mine, purchased here > 3M VHB 5952 (1/4") <.

Price: $25 a set, shipped stateside. Send me a PM for ordering & payment information.






Note: Each one was hand cut and punched. Thus they are not perfect, so some additional trimming may be needed.
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I'll take a set.
I'll take a set as well. PM me your PayPal info.
FWIW - As of 7/22/16 @ 3:41PM (EST) I have two sets left.......
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I will take a set (last pair?) if you still have one. Thanks.
Rick - shoot me your PayPal so I can square up money owed. I am busy installing landscaping this weekend but can pick them up next weekend.
11/25/16 - I have a few sets cut & punched for sale. PM me for ordering & payment information.
I'll take one! PM sent.

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