FJ40 V8

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Apr 20, 2003
Do any of you know what the part that fits between the engine and transmission of a 350 and sm465 that covers the bottom of the cluch to keep dirt/mud out is called. I've went to the junkyard and tried to explain what I need and they look at me dumfounded. Please Help, I'm surrounded by stupid people!!!
bellhousing cover is my term...

most junkyards throw this away tho...I looked for one for a time for my Alum SM465 bell, finally just made a custom one.
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Torque converter cover or Torque converter access plate

damn...didn't realize a SM465 has a torque convertor!! ;)
duh.......i didnt know that either,is that somthing new ???
I bought mine from a local dealer and he referred to it as a debris shield. pretty fancy huh
if you have a 360 deg housing all you need is a little flat sheet metal for the back.. easy enough to make.. dont think you'll find one in the yards
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damn...didn't realize a SM465 has a torque convertor!! ;)

Oops. Sorry. :-[ They are usually missing on autos. They provide the access to the TC to remove the bolts.
How about a clutch cover?

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