FJ40 Transfer Case mated on a 4x2 transmission

Sep 8, 2014
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Hello All, I'm new here but a big fan on all threats that has to be with technical info on FJ40 modifications. I have a 1966 FJ40 with a 2F engine and 4speed transmission of a BJ40. I have decided to go and start a project of swapping the old 2F for a 2006 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine in pretty good conditions imported from Japan. The thing is that the place where I'm buying this engine, don't have the 4x4 transmission for it so they are offering me a 4x2 5 speed transmission with everything included (bellhousing, clutch, etc) from a 1KD engine to mated it to this 1KZ-TE and are suggesting me to mated into my T-case I'm running on my FJ40.
I'm not the one making the hole work as I'm not a mechanic, but my mechanic good friend of mine is telling me is possible to make this conversion with no issues. I'm running FJ40 4.11 axles so I don't think that would be an issue when istalling this drivetrain into it.. My only question is if adapting the t-case of the old 4speed transmission of the FJ40 is going to be possible into this 4x2 tranmission.. Any advise, tip you guys may have? Here are some pics of the 1KZ-TE engine, the 4x2 transmission that is currently mated to the 1KD engine and the t-case on my FJ40. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.






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