FJ40 Trail cover feeler

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Jan 16, 2010
United States
I have a friend who may be interested in producing some trail/cab covers for Fj40's. I wanted to see how many people would be interested in getting one. I know there was somebody who made them for ebay a while back but I had heard he passed away or something of that sort. The design would be similar to that except it would have eyelets for bungee cords instead of cord.. Right now the costs would be about $150.00.
Let me know.
can you post some pics? is it like a bikini top?
I would be interested!!
Count me in.
count me in for sure too! Spector used to make one they called a "hat" i believe. By the time i went to purchase it they had stopped.
FWIW I know that OCD Tops (Jim) had intended to add these to his product line. As a matter of fact he has one of mine (that I bought from the Bronco guy that kinda melted down) as a prototype. Jim is just A LITTLE behind on tops production for the time being... it would be nice to see a source for these become available.
I'd probably be in for one of those, but I have lights at the top corners of my windshield so maybe it would have to be custom?
-Trail Cover-

I'm very interested! I live in Baltimore and I have been asking some marina upholstery shops around town if they could make one out of sunbrella or similar material. One shop told me about a navy grade canvas that would be best- but the cost was near $300. If I get one made it would be great if it fit over the hardtop as well so I could use it when just running no doors.
If I get one made it would be great if it fit over the hardtop as well so I could use it when just running no doors.

I think it would be to loose in that case and the flopping in the wind down the road would tear it up. It would have to have a tight and snug fit even at speed to keep from damaging it.
Are there any updates with these covers being made? I can't seem to find anyone making these anymore. PM sent.
Rum bum I'm having one made I'll post up when she is done

Thanks. I'm looking for something that is pretty water proof and one that covers the door openings. I just can't believe nobody is making these anymore.
im in for 150. it must be water tight (no water in the rig) and im in fl its hot hot so color must be light. ie. tan or similar .thanks

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