Fj40 steering wheel -putting it back on?

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May 4, 2021
new smyrna beach florida
Hi, I am trying to put my refurbished steering wheel back on my 1972 FJ40 but it is not sliding on easily or even with some force. Should this be something that just slides out n more or less? I don’t want to use too much force. It wasn’t aligned properly when I took it off so I didn’t bother marking it. Any help is appreciated.


It looks like your splines on the steering shaft may need to be cleaned with a wire brush. Not sure about the splines on the steering wheel but they may need a good clean as well, then a good coating of grease.
Once the splines are clean, it will slide part way on. Enough to get the washer and nut on.. Clean up the horn contact ring while you're at it.

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