FJ40 Speedo plate change-out? Is it hard?

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
I have a RHD BJ42 with a speedometer that only reads KM and I aquired a late model speedo plate that has MPH and KM, is it hard to switch these plates out? Also, does anyone have pics of the one I just bought which has a small white box in which the 55 mph number is in? Its goes 30, 40, 50, then between 50 and 60 and a little below it has a small white box with 55 in it then 60 and so on, just trying to figure out what color the 55 is supposed to be? Here is a pic of it, needs a little cleaning, sorry its backwards.

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Just be careful removing the needle and replacing it, it's really easier replacing the whole speedo device and quicker as well, get ahold of 3_puppies on the board I know he has some and he is very reasonable, make your life easy, he might have one thats cleaner as well. Larry
its a pretty simple task. Once you get the speedo housing out of the cluster just take off the needle and unscrew the two tiny screws that hld the face plate on and put your new one on. shouldn't take more than 30 min to an hour depending on how many times you've taken the cluster out before. I've taken mine out about 8 times for various fixes and painting. the cluster can be a bitch to put in especially if you have the screw on speedo cable like I do. I also have some face plates you might want shoot me a pm if you're interested.

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