FJ40 Soft Half Doors

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Mar 25, 2009
I'm not sure if thats how they are called, but anyway... I use metal half doors with a full soft top but it doesnt have "windows", anyone know a place where they sell the soft upper top of the doors?


Here is a pic of the car so you get a better idea of what im taking about
Most aftermarket soft tops come with a full soft door.

Metal half doors do not have a soft upper part.

You can get something made to match your half doors to your top or find used full soft doors.
I can get you new half metal doors with soft uppers. The soft uppers won't fit the doors you have. PM me.

Do you have any pictures of the metal half doors with soft uppers?

Are these made by Ehsan?

What kind of cost would I be looking at ???

If you remember I already have Ehsan Paki Top in Olive Drab canvas...


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