FJ40 SM465 T-Case Linkage - adapter plate - need info ?

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Jun 4, 2004
Denison, Texas
I have a couple of questions regarding the OEM Toyota T-Case linkage on my 74 FJ40. It's mated to a SM465 4-speed and it looks like I need an adapter plate in order to enable the linkage to pivot. Does anyone make or sell this adapter plate ? or... Does anyone have any info that would help make this plate ?
I need help connecting up the linkage....

74 FJ40
Engine: 5.3 Vortec
Tranny: SM465 with adapter plate to t-case
T-Case: Original OEM

Thanks for any help
aa makes an shifter relocating bracket that bolts on the side of the 465. i'm pretty sure i have one in stock. you might have to modify it though since their adapter is about 6" thick and most of the plate adapters are only 1-1.5" thick. should'nt be a difficult mod at all. or make your own plate..........
The mounting points look pretty much like a sm420. If so, there is a link in tech links that shows an adpator plate and linkage for a 420. Measure the center to center distance between the holes and if they match the 420, I can send you a plate or a xerox copy showing the location of the holes.

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