FJ40 Rolling Chassis and Many other parts

Oct 25, 2005
Located in Roy, Utah 84067
Almost all parts are from a 1972 FJ40. Prices are negotiable. If there is something I have but you think the price is steep. PM me please. Shipping not included.. If you would like pics of anything PM me

Thank you !!

Available 1972 Rolling Chassis with (no body)
Chevrolet 350…. Including; Ram Horn exhaust manifolds, mated SM420,Webber 4 barrel Carb, New Distributor, GM Brake Master Cylinder with Hydo-Boost. Clutch Cylinder with new Resevoir, Advanced Adapters Transfer Case Cross Member, stock 72 front and rear axles, stock 72 springs with greaseable shackles, complete stock steering
Your definitely going to want to PM for a price and some pics on this one

Wiper motor $40
fuel filler tube $10
front heater box $30
Gas, Brake, and Clutch Pedals, $5 each or $10 for all
Ashtray $12
passenger side “air conditioning” air door $7
drivers seat rear hinge bracket (1) $3
wiper arms $5 each
rear heater with plug $30
front fresh air vent grille (located out on hood)$5
windshield (black) knobs $10 for pair
flashers knob w/ plug $3
brake Light Indicator $3
turn signal in dash indicators $6 each or $10 for pair
brights floor switch w/ rubber wire boot $5
emergency brake handle/assemble $10
cig lighter with plug $5
hyper shackles $40 for pair
revolver shackles $55 for pair
output shaft from Advanced Adapters for sm465 to rockbox (4:1) $250
21/2 in” Pro Comp Lift Springs $90 front $90 rear or $150 all 4
1974 4 speed Trans $175
2F head
SOR auxiliary gas tank (never used, right fill, skid plate, 22 gal SOR price $900)
My price $400
running boards includes rust $40
2 sets of Jump Seats PM for price
SM420 Transfer case mated to Stock Toyota 3 sp Trans PM for price
2F 74 Air Cleaner Assembly $40
2F 72 Air Cleaner Assembly $40
3 1972 rear taillight cups ($10 each
2 1972 Rear Tail light lenses $15 for set
3 filler tube Covers $10 each
1972 FJ40 Horn $5
Stock Transfer Case Linkage $10
jack handle and mounting brackets $10
chevrolet oil cooler $40
1972 Top needs work, has all glass $200
1972 Windshield Frame, needs work, but solid $65
Feb 15, 2005
Western, MT
Interested in your rear heater... pics?

For some reason that doesn't sound right! :doh:
Oct 25, 2005
I rolled a freshly painted FJ40 down in moab about 6 weeks ago. Completely trashed the tub. So we basically stole the tub of of this other 72 we had. So the frame, drivetrain, axles, and steering are all still one unit. we are parting the rest out. I can get you some pictures tomorrow.

Apr 10, 2006
just a few miles south

can you tell me what shape the top is in or give me a call
eric 801 372 3567


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Oct 1, 2003
you have PM.
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