FJ40 Roll bar and springs

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Feb 28, 2005
Western Colorado
United States
I have a factory FJ40 rollbar from a 1982 with all the pads still intact. It is in great shape and was only removed to be replaced by a six-point full roll cage.
$100 (buyer pays shipping) SOLD

I also have a full set of stock leaf springs from the same FJ40 that would make great spring-over springs as they are the wider and more flexible type from that era of cruisers.
$100 (buyer pays shipping)

Pics available upon request.
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Do you have the seat belts also? Female portion too? Any clue what shipping to Chicago area might be? Front seat belts that is....rears too would be swell. Jump seats maybe as well? Probably no since you've not said so but hey, maybe right?
Does it break down or is it one piece? I'd like it (shipped to Phoenix) but would need to figure out shipping.

XROCK. It folds into itself and lays prety flat. I think it ends up being about six inches wide (at the mounting plates. I may have a buyer, still not sure. Check on shipping from Grand Junction, Colorado and I will let you know if I still have it or not.

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