FJ40 rear bench

Dec 6, 2006
Jupiter, FL
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I have a 78 BJ40. When I bought it, the previous owner had put in a heavy duty rollbar and not the regular FJ40 one. Because of this, jump seats would not fit so he put in two "bucket" seats in the back. Obviously they are not real nice looking. I need a rear bench seat.....any ideas? I mean, I could even use a, dare I say it, Wrangler bench. I need something I can fold up or forward when not using.
Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
Suzuki sidekick bench seat,there's another model thats have seatbelts and separates seats...i have the bench type fold type
Aug 6, 2010
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1976 fj40 with jeep jk rear bench

That is a SWEET setup; I would like to duplicate the under-seat storage box!

I want to fit a Jeep JK rear bench seat in the back of my 76 FJ40. The widest measurement of the seat is 40.5", but I have not purchased the seat/mocked it up yet.

I have been reading-through the Rear Bench FAQ, but have not seen this tried yet. Anyone have any input on this proposed mod?

Thanks in advance!
The LC Prados look great - haven't heard of using those before.

Me either Until...
A friend of mine had a set so we measured and liked what I saw. For me, they take up space but are very comfortable. I tried mini van seats out of a Mazda but way too bulky. Only wish they were sliders as well but they do fold up nice and tight and the head rest drop down in the lower floor pan with no problem. Thanks for the comment.



Ole Jarhead
Jul 8, 2011
Tacloban City, Leyte Philippines
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Seats are cool.

Rob, ask and you will receive, been thinking of what to put in the BJ, want to keep stock front seats but know asawa and her sis will not like the side benches when we go mountain climbing. Got lots of Prado's here I should be able to find a rear seat. Yours looks very cool. By the way, when you were flying did you run into a WO named Pete Donodo? After Nam he got out and went to Embry Riddle for his degree and ended up flying USMC 130's with me. Very cool guy mucho ice water in veins.
Don't recognize the name. Our Reg Co was Lt.Col Hereford and my CO was Capt B. Miller. I know most VN Pilots had mucho Ice but some had muy mucho and the pucker factor was an awesome experience. Was not a friendly environment Huh Lee? Lol!
Prado rear seats are comfy for family and the asawa. Beth Rides shotgun all the time she says that is her seat Unass it! Lol!

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