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Dec 27, 2009
North America
United States
Front and rear overhead radio "shelves" for FJ40 with a hard top.
We built this awesome radio system for our '71 FJ40 and ending up selling the Land Cruiser.
It's built too well to piece apart and would make a nice addition to someone's FJ40.

Front shelf:
JVC head unit, Rockford Fosgate 300 watt 4-channel amp, Infinity speakers, double marine 12VDC outlet
Rear shelf:
Infinity 6x9 speakers, FJ60/62 interior light, double marine 12VDC outlet

1- The front started with Spectre Off Road's overhead tray (see Page 278 Land Cruiser Dash Box, Overhead Tray & Console )
2- We added a 1/4" steel bar for support (the tray is too thin and weak to hold any type of weight), created a wiring harness that neatly tucks away, and had both front and rear shelves coated with black Linex for a clean professional look.
3- The front and rear speakers face downwards. Everything is out of the way.
4- The speaker boxes and rear tray are made from 1/2" and 3/4" oak and then covered in Linex.
5- There is space on the front speaker box panels for switches and gauges.
6- There is space on the front tray to stack a CB or HAM on top of the radio head unit.
7- There is also space in the front tray to store your pistol or anything else you want in easy reach.

How much?
We have $810 in parts alone
(head unit, amp, speakers, wiring, $OR overhead tray, Linex coating, wiring and connectors)

Shipping will be $80-$100 UPS because of the weight and size.

Make a reasonable offer.

I'd like to see it in an FJ40 as its' a perfect setup.

Please email or call for further details and additional pictures





I have PLENTY of more detailed pictures - let me know if there's a way to upload them here. Thanks
OK, we have the pics in a small file format, so PM me if needed.
Can anyone tell me how to add more pictures to this post? Apologies ahead of time for my ignorance ;))

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