Wanted fj40 radiator, front shackle bolts, flasher relay

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Jun 27, 2012
United States
i just picked up this 1983 fj and im trying to get it running again. to get it back on the streets i need a radiator, which its swapped to a 5.7 gmc v8 so im not sure but i think the radiator inlets are a different size?

i also need the front bottom bolts on the front shackles. i took mine out to do lift springs and the nuts just wont go back on. they are the 18mm bigger ones.

im also having a problem with the run signals not flashing. the fronts will come on but not blink. the tail lights and reverse arent working either but the brakes are :/ part number is 81980-30040

i could use some front turn signals also. the bigger fender mounted ones. mine have two broken lenses.

im not looking to spend a bunch so as cheap as possible of course. thank you.

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