For Sale FJ40 Pre 74 hard top sides



Sep 10, 2018
I have the sides for a hard top I am looking to move for $1000 plus shipping OBO. Also available for pickup in Northern Virginia. They are in good condition with the alignment posts intact. The glass is good and the seals look to be in good shape. There is little rust and no rust rot I can see except possibly in one spot (which you can see in the picture). I have plenty of other pictures available. There is an orange-colored fuzz on the inside of both panels. In the picture it might look like rust but it isn't. The best I can tell is that a PO had some sort of covering/liner and it scrapes off easily. The outsides are blue but that paint lifts off easily. They might have originally been tan, however there is also red on the bottom of the rails.

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20211123 112751

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