fj40 parts

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May 2, 2009
United States
I have a top which has rust issues around the bottom of the sill - $300. I have 2 matching ambulance doors with a little rust on the bottom - $100 for both. i have a 4 inch lift ( front and rear springs and four shocks) for $150. Have front and rear heater ( no hoses) for - $80. I have front and rear axles (rear axle has welded diff.) both axles have brand new slave cylinders, clips, and springs in them with brand new brake pads. I only drove around the block 1 time with them before I parked it. Both have been wire wheeled and repainted. and have heavy duty spring perches welded on them. asking $700 for both of them. I also have a custom x over steering arm for $80. If I have to ship any of the items I will have to include shipping tax. You can call me at 281-768-0481 My name is Nick
lift kit

I dont know what brand it is. the shocks are white and have red boots but are not rancho. i will have to look up shipping. i imagine it shouldnt be more than 50 bucks.
Also interested in lift...........are they off the rig? No markings?
if you can post a picture of the springs/shocks im sure some one can Identify them. Depending on brand and condition 200 shipped works for me.

they came off the cruiser before when i traded out for rockwells. i will try to get a pic up soon, they are in storage.
Amby doors...

PM me a couple pics, and if they check out I will takem.

Shipping to 97304
big camera 401.jpg

big camera 402.jpg

big camera 403.jpg
big camera 401.jpg
big camera 402.jpg
big camera 403.jpg
one more question on the springs :) what year was the fj40 they came off of ? and is pay pal ok for payment ? err guess that was 2 questions :) hehe
lift kit

pay pal is fine and they came off of a 71 model. just let me get an exact shipping quote.
Scuba John - Lift kit

the shipping is gonna be $97.96 so we are looking at $247.96 with shipping.
amby door pics?

Where did they go?

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