FJ40 parts, some from a '64

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Feb 10, 2003
Denver, co
United States
Here’s some FJ-40 stuff we’ve got for sale in the Las Vegas, NV area. For now we’re just selling locally, you pick up, will consider shipping later. Some of this stuff is from a 64

2 Windshield frames, 1 has the wiper motor mount on the bottom and no glass $85, the other has the wiper motor mount on top and has glass $125. No rust or bends on either, just need paint.

1 three speed tranny and transfer case, column shift style, still mated from a 64 FJ40 $100 -
condition and year unknown

saginaw steering box – appears to be in great condition, but haven’t used it $35

Two Saginaw style power steering pumps 25$ each – look good, but haven’t used them.

One early style hood no dents, from a 64 – white with the chrome hood orniment thing, very cool - great shape, no rust. $125

One bezel and grill from a 64, no front clip - $65

I'll try to answer any questions you have about this stuff and I do have some pics. Let me know directly at, my buddy eric in vegas has all this stuff and is handling pick up/delivery in the area.

Call Eric to arrange pick up – 702-349-2947
I am looking for a '68-74 windshield frame. I dont want to do any body work to it, just paint. do you have one with the single wiper motor style?

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