fj40 parts for sale

Sep 21, 2008
[FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]I currently have the complete drive train for sale.
I have the original f engine with about 25k miles on rebuild. Runs fine. Has an electronic ignition conversion from pertronix as well as the pertronix coil. Also has original aisin carb that was rebuilt less than 100 miles ago. Also has headers bolted to it. $250
Also have the 4 speed that was working fine $100
Transfer case $100
Front axle with warn hubs $100
Rear axle with less than 100 miles on disc brake conversoin $200 but with a bad pinion bearing. May have a spare 3rd member if I get a set of axles
Would be willing to trade for working chevy 3/4 or 1 ton axles or a toyota v6 rear axle.
Located in chattanooga, tn.
Every thing is dirty but truck was driven into garage for drivetrain swap.
Sep 21, 2008

Sorry most of the parts are gone, I still have a few around.

The engine complete with headers, electronic ignition conversion, and rebuilt carb. $200

Rear axle with bad pinion and no brakes $40

Front axle drum brakes complete with lockright locker and warn hubs. $200

front axle drum brakes Cut and turned axle with homemade crossover steering arm $150

If you want pics of anything let me know.
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