FJ40 Parking Brake Hub Heats up

May 27, 2022
Walnut Creek, Ca
Hi there
This past Oct. I purchased a 1972 fj40 and have been fixing things since LOL. Im having an issue after a short drive the parking brake hub gets really hot. When I bought it the parking brake didn't work. I purchased a rebuild kit from SOR figured I would just replace everything while I was in there. The issue was simple the pin that connects the shoes was missing. So I replaced everything including g the seal. Reinstalled the drum and gave it a spin . It turns freely. Torqued up the nut, installed the DS and went for a test drive. After only 2 miles I pulled over to see if I had any leaks, No leaks but the Hub got really hot.. Like something is dragging. I adjusted the tensioner so it is at its loosest (won't hold the fj40 on the slightest slope). and it still gets hot.

Any thoughts?
Appreciate any help.
Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
Shooting in the dark, are the springs that keep the shoes away from the drum in place?

Something must be dragging. I can't see how there could be enough heat from inside the transfer case to heat up the drum significantly.

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