FJ40 Motor swap

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Jun 20, 2011
Im looking to swap my F2 for a Chevy SB. I have a line on a 94 Vette lt1 5.7 with a 4l60e... or a 2002 4.8 with 4l60e. Any suggestions? Want to keep my low range torque, but enough power to drive faster than 55 on the asphalt. My LC has the rear end moved back 8 inches with TLC transfer and a 203 doubler which I want to retain. also Old Man EMU Susp. Thanks for any input.
It will be a tight fit with an auto trans and your doubler even with your axle moved back measure how much room you have now chevy sb have plenty of power what axle gears are you running?
Stock gears 4:11? the F2 seems to be in it stock location... so I hope the small block will work. What is your opinion on the 4.8 vs 5.7
The small block will work with new motor mounts, It's what you want to put behind it that's asking for trouble.. Too long of a drive train..

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