FJ40 missing something...

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Apr 5, 2010
Redwood Coast, California
I have searched all over the internet to get this answered before asking this so don't think I am being lazy. In my 1979 FJ40 there is something missing on the dash. There is a hole located a few inches under the Brake/Seatbelt light just to the right of the steering wheel. I have seen pictures where I can tell it is missing a light for something but can't figure out what it is for and where I get one to replace it. I have searched Cool Cruisers, JTOufitters and SOR. Any one willing to help out?
A grommet is located in the same area for my '79. You can get them from SOR by searching "dash grommet." Several sizes. I'm not sure if some option was for that area. Maybe for fog light switch etc.
FJ40 1979 (4).jpg
Howdy! Good chance it is for a hand throttle. Very nice thing to have. JOhn
On mine ; I have the supercharger shut down switch located in that hole!

And good morning..
oh those holes......

Mine has a toggle switch there for an auxilliary fan that is mounted to blow at the engine and carburator. I haven't seen one like it before but it sure looks like a stock item. Anyone else have this? I can take pictures. The toggle switch looks like it has been replaced, doesn't look stock. I was wondering about the other hole in the upper right. I have a grommet with a hole like a cable or something should go through it. Any idea what that is for?
Turbo boost button would be fun. lol

I think mine has a gromet to cover it. mine is a 76
Where else would you put your prized miniature dinosaur mount? She looks like she put up a fierce fight.

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