For Sale Fj40 misc dome lights, oil caps, shifter knob all $5 each. Wa. (1 Viewer)

Jan 21, 2006
Washington State
Dave and Bear

after reviewing the order of events in this ad , i now see BEAR was 1 second ahead of me fair and square in the public viewing platform here in the forum

i do not know who or if any one PM's prior to making a public post like i did

But 1 HUGE fact is at Play here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bear and I have been solid mud buddies for many many years , he has taught me much on the pull switch topic , and simply put

it appears he called on it first ....

I am a big boy and can admit openly i may have jumped the gun on bear , this is the first time i have been back here to see this

I WANT bear to have the metal dome lamp room light

that's both fair and the right thing to do here .................

Bear my friend , Im sorry i was caught up in all the excitement , simply put :confused:

kindly matt
Sounds fair...same deal thanks Matt .I have made many friends on Mud over the years.

Yes friendship is more important than making or spending a buck. Sounds like the right thing to do. Dave

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