FJ40/minitruck Hybrid Rear Axle w/ fj80 e-locker?

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Nov 7, 2010
Greeneville Tenn 37745
I have done a search and could not find anything on this. Will a fj40 mintruck hybrird rear axle be used in place of a FF housing scence you are doing away with the C clips? I know about the standard cuts and studs for the housing , but other than that is there anything I'm over looking?:hmm:


P.S. see link to see what housing I'm speaking of.:cheers:

FJ40/minitruck hybrid rear axle- Land Cruiser Tech from
I'm not really sure what your asking. The mini truck rearend housing I used & refered to in the article is semi float. When done no C clips are needed, the mini axle is held in by bolts on the end of the axle housing. I also don't know what studs you are referring to. I did this mod about a yr & 1/2 ago & it works great. The only thing I did different was on the short side of the L/C housing. When you slide the mini tube in the L/C housing alot of the mini tube is exposed which is a smaller diameter & reqiured a scab to make the tube the same diameter as the other side(L/C diameter), so I could use a similar/stk spring perch & spring plate. My U bolts are flipped. Instead of scabs, I cut a small section of L/C tube from the piece cut off the long side & I slid it over the mini tube, so it would terminate at the same point as long side, at the end. I did make sure I had enuff room to weld the L/C housing to the mini tube, then welded the void between the L/C housing & small L/C section that was slid over the mini tube. I also drilled holes in the L/C housing closer to the diff for rosette welds. I purchased caliper mtg brackets for a mini axle from SKY mfg so I could reuse my disc brakes.

If you have a FF rear now, I would sell it & find a FJ40 stk semi float rearend housing. I would think your FF would be desirable.
What I'm tiring to find out is could a fj80 rear e-locker be set up on the hybrid housing. I have read that you can only put a fj80 e-locker 3rd in the rear is to have a full-floater housing because you can not use c-clips on the fj80 3rd member. I was not sure if the c clips was the only reason that it could not be used in a sf housing? In reference to the cutting and the studs I was speaking of you have to notch the front housing and put in longer studs at the e-locker motor in order to install the fj80 e-locker in the front housing.. I hope this is not to


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