FJ40 lift springs FS in So Cal

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Apr 14, 2004
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Recently installed a new 4" lift kit that I sell at the shop on my FJ40 so that I can give more people firsthand feedback on them.

Now up for sale, my still very useable lift that I just removed.

One pair Pro-Comp front springs, advertised 2.5" lift. Upside down, they measure 9.125 inches from the floor to the top [bottom] of the bottom leaf. $150 for the pair PLUS THE RIDE.

One pair 4+ Rear Springs, overload leaf added, advertised 4" lift. Upside down, they measure 11.125 inches from the floor to the top of the overload leaf. $150 for the pair PLUS THE RIDE.

$275 plus the ride if you take all 4

Bushings on all 4 are in good shape, and the vehicle sat dead-level this way [traditionally sits ass-low with springs of equal lift because I carry a s***LOAD of spare parts!] If you've got a rig that sits ass-low, THIS IS THE LIFT FOR YOU!

Would prefer NOT to ship because it's a PITA, but if you want 'em and can't figure out how to get them otherwise, get a quote for yourself from FedEX, figure 45# per spring, add $3 per if you're residential, and $5 per to have me put them in a box so Fed Ex will take them. If the numbers still work for you, post or PM, and I will try to check the timestamps to keep bidders in order.

just for info for you. You dont have to put them in a box. (At least for UPS) had my Alcan's shipped to me with a label and some tape on each end.

Still was not cheap, but got them here. Good luck selling!
no hijack but shipping of springs as i have just learned is complicated, they can ship with tape and a shipping label. If they do that is against company policy and is a mistake, as i have been told because of the weight they need to be individually packaged and shipped. If there is a cheaper way let me know
I just shipped a set at fedx kinkos

fla to kansas

50 for fronts
50 for rears

this is the front set
ome springs 021.jpg
4" springs..

Still have that pair of 4" springs? I might be interested. Thing is, I live in NH so shipping will need to be addressed. By the way, what condition are the springs in?
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