FJ40 Landcruiser Mighty 2F Exhaust sound GOPRO HERO 2 1080P

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Sep 24, 2011
Hi guys here is a quick video of my 1977 FJ40 land cruiser engine is stock apart from extractors and Holley carburettor

Enjoy any questions just ask :)
mighty 2F
Sounds great, cant beat the mighty 2F

Thanks heaps :) The ol 2F is really a great engine if your not worried about the fuel consumption. They also last forever
Definitely sounds great... I am hopefully going to have a 77 FJ40 soon... I hope it sounds this good...
Thanks Guys :)

08-23-13 01:26 AM
broth9640 How about some pics and some specs for your exhaust system? I am getting ready to do mine and need ideas.

Sorry I dont know much about the exhaust system as it came with the car. What kind of specs are after? I can pictures, measurements later if you would like?

Here is an overall shot of my rig

Also here is another video of a quick trip to a local quarry

Sorry the video above doesn't work, this one should


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