FJ40 Landcruiser Engraved Bezel (OEM)

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What ever someone will pay for it.
I'll give you two bucks for it :flipoff2:
When and if you ebay it

Hey WorldCruiser,
Let us know when and if you do put it up for auction. Wouldn't mind spending a few bucks for it. :bounce:
At this point I feel compelled to display the forum guidelines... if you are just here fishing for what it's worth you should post in chat. Depending on condition 200+.


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Just some quick notes, more will be added as they come up:

1: City/State information is critical for everything, sellers or seekers. Without that information, interested parties can't guesstimate shipping information!

2: Prices: Please put one down on sale items. We wish we were mind readers, but our first guess will be "free" :D

3: Make sure all parties are clear on what's included and what isn't...don't buy an intake and assume the carb is still attached!
I'm just giving you a hard time, personally unless you've got a friend to sell it to I'd put it on ebay. have bezels for $40, not sure if the writing would make it more appealing to some folks. I think that I paid $50 cdn for one in reasonable shape from a local. 123.86 USD for a gozzard fibreglass one (stamped landcruiser.)
oh, and here's a picture (for just-john), it's of the fibreglass one, but hey, it's a bezel, it's got landcruiser stamped on it, and it isn't rusty.
Sorry but I decided I am going to keep it...bytheway this is an original one not fiberglass and it is chrome...I just can't seem to be able to sell it, plus I just finished restoring one of my cruisers so I might put it on it sometime...Thanks
Not sure if you saw it...but there was a chrome bezel on eBay that went for $300+ about a week ago....why anyone in the world would pay that much is a whole another question.
I saw it and that one did not even have the land cruiser lettering on it....It was mint though....Original chrome bezels are very rare so for collectors is a high sought item....these are not your rockcrawler type of guys they are Toyota purists and they will pay good money for these bezels
I have some brand new TOYOTA chrome bezels in boxes never installed $350.00 each pm me if interested. Thanks John Pardi, Placerville, Calif.

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