Wanted FJ40 hazard switch

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Aug 9, 2007
Reading, MA
United States
Looking for a working hazard switch for a 71 FJ40. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
have at least one good working used , and several various NOS hazard switch's 1963-1984 , send me a PM with pics of your current bad switch and or the harness side connector also ...
Haven't removed it yet but honestly I'd rather buy one that the seller knows is correct not one based on what it looks like.
are U the original purchaser / first owner that paid about $3,800 for it new in 1972 ?
I have every hazard switch a fj40 ever came with , at least one used and some new , they changed on a yearly and sometimes mid production split year in the middle , that is why a simple visual ID with make your replacement happen correct and during your first attempt
a 1972 can feasible have 3 different ones , it was also a factory option that years as well and dealer installed too .....

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