For Sale FJ40 Hard Top (Needs restore) $350 SoCal

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May 19, 2010
Lancaster, CA
United States
FJ40 Hard Top Sides SoCal

I have a hard top I was planning on restoring, but I ended up buying a hard top that was ready to bolt on. I have the cap, and side panels. The hatch, struts, and striker hardware I need to keep.

The cap has no holes or cracks, but some parts of the rain rail needs to be riveted back to the fiberglass. It is currently primer grey.

The sides are also primer gray, but the previous owner sprayed over the rubber moldings and some of the glass (I guess he just wanted a quick way to protect it from the elements while being stored).

One side panel is straight, the other will need to have a corner banged out and massaged.

All the glass is in tact, but like I said, they have a primer grey border that will probably come off with some thinner and a razor blade.

$350 OBO picked up for all three pieces.

Let me know if you have any questions, need these out of my garage! Thanks
*edit* cap is spoken for and will be picked up Saturday. Both sides are still available $125 OBO each. Thanks
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What year is it for ?
If it has ambulance doors, 75-77ish.
Hatch pre 75.

They will fit other years... I'm running an '81 on my '74.
If it has ambulance doors, 75-77ish.
Hatch pre 75.

They will fit other years... I'm running an '81 on my '74.

Thanks, the hard topim selling did not have the ambli doors.

Im actually using your guide to move the old header to the newer hard top as well as the hatch.
Hey there. I have a 73 fj40. Do you know if it would fit mine? Can you post a picture of it? Thanks :))
Yes, I'd like some pix, too ... Thanks.
Here are the pics, sorry about the quality, it was getting dark last night when I got home and I used my phone. Please remember I need to keep the struts and striker hardware from the sides so they are not included. Thanks









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I will take the cap per our p.m.s

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Bump! Someone come over and pickup the sides this weekend! Running out of space in my small garage! Make me an offer!

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