FJ40 Hard Top and Doors - Rust Free - NJ

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Jan 17, 2006
United States
These are the hardtop and doors from an early 70's FJ40 with a drop down tailgate. They are rust free. All the glass is in good shape.
I will sell the full set for $650


Hard top $450 pick up only PRICE DROPPED $300 for the Hardtop

Doors $250. I will ship the doors if purchased separately- sold

here is the link for the pics
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Looks to be some surface rust on the hard top and bottom of the upper hatch?

There is a drop down tailgate included?

How is the rain gutter?

How are the rubber bits, doors weather strip and window seals/felts?
There is some surface rust on the rear bottom right corner of the hard top. There is no rust on the hatch, that is the original red paint showing through. The rain gutter is in good shape.

The hard top window gaskets are in good shape, all the tub-to-top rubber is there in fair shape (by no means need to be replaced, just older). There is no rubber on the driver's side vent window. The felts are in ok shape.

The door weather stripping is in good shape, the driver's side is cool cruisers replacement, the passenger's side is the original weather stripping.

there is no tailgate
Price of the Hardtop dropped to $300
yes still have the Hard top

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