FJ40 hard sides and FJ60 rear drivers side door-FREE

Aug 7, 2018
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Before I get rid of a few late husband was part of this forum years ago and wanted to see if anyone local wanted these items.

I have two hard sides for an FJ40, not sure of the year. Possibly 76, as my late husband parted one out years ago. The sides themselves are rusted, but the curved and larger glass panes are still good.

I also have a FJ60 rear driver side door, most likely 80-83, as my old fj60 was an 83.

Both have been outside for years and am looking to have someone pick them up who can use them. Loved the cruiser community when I was in it, tellico plains was one of my favorite memories of 4wheeling adventures. Would love to give back to the cruiser community.
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