FJ40 Hard Doors Off 77

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Apr 14, 2006
Central Cali
United States
FJ40 Hard Doors Off ??

I have been waivering on selling these, i have decided to let them go, they are in great shape, primed, sanded, glass is good, NO RUST, and i have all the stuff to go along. thought these were off my 77, however they look to be pre 75 doors, they will fit many years apparently. Thanks to MUDDERS here. anywho GREAT DOORS in great shape, need them out of the garage...

I am thinking $300.

These are heavy, so shipping may too expensive, prefer local pick-up. However if you want to pay to ship i will try and make it happen ... i am in central California. (Fresno)

Cheers .... :beer:
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Do you happen to have the strikers too?

I'm in Redwood City.. could you possibly meet half way? Los Banos?

Could I see some pics?
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These are the front doors only.

as far as the strikers go, i will have to look, the guy i bought the 40 from was pretty anal about parts so i assume all the goods are there.. i'll check though ...
PM sent..
Pm back, YZFTACO said he wants them, however can't come get them til the 27th, so he said if someone else has the CASH and come sooner then Money talks ...

So that being said if someone else has CASH now, this is a good deal ..

I have the hinges, strikers, all the bolts, everythig you need for the doors ..

PM if interested, you won't be disappointed ..

i don't sell junk !
Bump,, for a good deal ...
pm sent, when do you wanna come by ?
Still avail ,, pic on the other door also,,,

DSC00715 (Small).JPG

DSC00716 (Small).JPG
DSC00715 (Small).JPG
DSC00716 (Small).JPG
doors are pre 74 and older not 77

They may have come off a 77 but they are early style doors with wing windows and flat panels...You may want to repost with correct year on doors.
Thanks for the info, i fixed the post to say hard doors off ??
I can't believe nobody needs RUST free, perfect FJ40 Doors and all the mounting hardward. I'm Shocked ...

I need these out of my Garage,

Was thinking of not shipping if a local 40 owner wanted, now if you want them shipped and are willing to pay for it..

i can try and make it happen.. I also take PAYPAL ...

CASH is Good Too ...

Thanks ..

You might want to edit your first post, or delete this one, and start a new thread that has the year of the doors in it... (this thread you have to scroll all the way down to find out what they are)

To clear up for new interested parties I'm out.. I need later style doors..

Cheers and Good Luck!
Thanks, i updated the info..

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